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About Us


Wong Kee, simply means “Remember Wong”.

At Wong Kee, we specialise in noodles, wanton & dumplings. Everything is made in-house – our  dumpling skins, chilli, char siew, sauce and beef.

We offer 3 different flavoured noodles that are made using all-natural ingredients – eggs, flour, spinach, and tomatoes – with less alkaline water and no preservatives. This means our noodles are healthier, fresher and even tastier but remains firm and chewy.

When you think of Wong Kee Wanton Noodles, expect bigger than usual wantons and plump dumplings more akin to Cantonese style wanton noodles, with a little twist and modification to suit local tastebuds.

We also serve Beef Brisket Noodles, an item that is hard to find these days. Our beef is stewed with more than 15 different spices for hours.

Our founder and Shifu, Mr Wong Wai Keung, is a Hong Konger who specialises in Cantonese cuisines. He has worked in the F&B industry since he was eight, cooking for various different food shops and even fine-dining restaurants overseas.

We are stringent on quality and believe quality food should be made possible and affordable for all people. Food should not only look good but also taste good. 

Cooking noodles is an art and showmanship at Wong Kee Wanton Noodles.